• Allegheny County Real Estate Assessment

    Allegheny County Real Estate Assessment

    If you owned real estate in Allegheny County, it is wise to perform Allegheny County real estate assessment so you will know the taxation of the building your own. The assessment aims to find out whether your property is worth or not for the property taxation purpose. To perform the assessment, you don’t have to do complicated things. What you can do is to simply perform it online using the available website.

    Why is the result of the assessment important? Here is the reason why. The assessed value of your own property will basically determine the amount of your school district tax, country tax and also your local property tax that you have to pay every year. It is good news if your assessment value is low because it means low property and other taxes. There is another purpose of the assessment. It is to find out your property’s market value. Therefore, it is advised to perform the assessment if you plan to sell your house. This way, you will be able to set the standard price for your property.

    Once you have done with the Allegheny County Assessment, you can continue to calculate taxes amount of your property. The calculation requires particular formula. The assessment of your county property should be multiplied by current mileage rate of the each taxing entity. To do the calculation yourself, you have to know the current tax mileage rate. In order to know about this, you can visit the related website for the information.

    Allegheny County Real Estate Assessment


    Do you ever question who has the authority to set the taxation rates in Allegheny County? Well, it is the Allegheny County Council. Meanwhile, the local school boards are the ones with authority to set the school district tax mileages. And the individual municipalities are authorized in setting the local tax mileage rates. Usually, county mileage set is set at the end of the year and is used for the next following year. For instance, the county mileage set for 2017 is set at the end of 2016. It is usually performed in June.

    Behind the county assessment, the ones who make the Allegheny County real estate assessment are the OPA assessors. They usually use the certain system for mass appraisal system called CAMA which will generate the assessment values of the property. Usually, the assessment value is generated by comparing the previous sales value for the last 3 previous years. To make sure the value is accurate; the system also calculates the variations within the unique neighborhoods of the Allegheny County. To make the assessment is perfectly performed the assessors also travel throughout the county in collecting the data of the property and reviewing the assessment valuations.

    Suppose you have figured out your property’s Allegheny County real estate assessment value and you are still curious whether the value is correct or not, you can do a simple recheck. Check with the Public Information Office of OPA in Allegheny in the County Building in downtown Pittsburgh. Or, you can also make a call.

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